The occasional snippets of my wondering mind.

motivated by values. distracted by dreams.

hi. well, my name is andy. i'm 44 years young and over these years i have developed quite an eclectic, yet rooted approach to life.

eclectic in that i am always in search of new ideas, perspectives and ways of approaching this complex world.
rooted in that for me to take any of these new ideas seriously, they have to have certain criteria in common. in short, i try to take control of my mind and not the other way round (harder than it sounds) and try to infuse my life and thinking with the precepts put forward in the buddhist dhamma.

the main areas of interest for me are:-
buddhism, psychology, self-improvement, history, simplicity & internationalism.

i try to spend some of time:-
walking, jogging, meditating, cooking, reading

and i am, in brief:-
single, celibate, intellectual, green, a window cleaner & am to begin an open university course in the spring - the arts, past and present. this being the first module towards an open degree in the humnaities.

thanks for visiting and taking time to read a little about me. please do say hi and i will be happy to extend you the same courtesy.

Great summary and compilation.

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